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    Early English Books Online

    Contains digital facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 1473 to 1700.

    EBSCO eBook Collection

    Offers more than 60 electronic book collections from some of the world's most renowned STM publishing houses, including Springer, Taylor & Francis and Wiley InterScience®.

    Education Research Complete

    Designed for educators, administrators, and those seeking professional development resources, this bibliographic and full-text database covers scholarly research relating to all areas of education.

    Ellen G. White Estate

    An organization created by the last will and testament of Ellen G. White to act as her agent in the custody of her writings, handling her properties, "conducting the business thereof," "securing the printing of new translations," and the "printing of compilations from my manuscripts."

    Encyclopedia Britannica

    One of the world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable, from the origins of the universe to current events and everything in between.

    Encyclopedia of Alabama

    Offers articles on Alabama's famous people, historic events, sports, art, literature, industry, government, plant and animal life, agriculture, recreation, and so much more.

    Encyclopedia Of Literature

    Covers world authors from many periods and genres, building a broad understanding of the various contexts -- from the biographical to the literary to the historical -- in which literature can be viewed.

    ERIC (Ebsco)

    Provides access to education literature and resources.

    ERIC (First Search)

    Complete database on educational materials from the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC).

    Ethnic Newswatch

    An interdisciplinary, bilingual (English and Spanish) and comprehensive full text database of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press.

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